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Tips to Soften-Up a Firm Mattress

Adjusting with a new or hard bed can be a hustle. It can be pretty disappointing that even after spending hundreds of dollars on a new bed, you still fail to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Sleeping on a hard and stiff bed is not only difficult but can also cause body aches and make you feel tired.

There can two reasons that you find your bed extra hard, either you have bought something that’s not right for you or you have bought a brand new bed that will take time to soften up.

If your problem is a new hard bed, then worry no more, because you can make your bed soft without spending a lot of money. In this article, we will tell you what you can do to soften your hard bed.

How to make a mattress soft?

People who prefer soft and cozy mattress can never feel comfortable on hard and firm beds. Sleeping on a bed that doesn’t suit your body type can cause a lack of sleep, frustration, and tiredness in a person. Not being able to sleep can affect your productivity and also destroy your sleep cycle.

If you feel like you have bought the wrong bed which cannot be fixed, then the best option is to replace it before it starts causing serious problems. Check out reviews and articles.

Tip no.1: Soften it up by sleeping

The easiest and most hustle-free method to soften your bed is to use it more often. Mattress companies usually recommend sleeping on your bed for a minimum of 60 days before changing it because it requires that much time in softening. By using it more you will feel it softening day by day.

Another recommended thing for softening a bed is to walk on it. Stand up on your bed and take a few steps, don’t forget to put pressure on the center of the bed. By walking on it you’ll put a certain amount of pressure that will speed up the softening.

Tip no.2: Add a memory foam topper

A mattress pad or a topper is the most effective way of getting comfort from a new bed. This topper is placed over the mattress to provide back support and comfort to your body. The most popular and used topper is memory foam topper because memory foam is made to provide a feeling of coziness.

Tip no.3: warm your mattress up

If your top layer is of memory foam that warming it up a bit can help with making it softer. Warming a memory foam makes it soft enough to contour your body.

Tip no.4: Always check your foundation

Sometimes, we check everything on the mattress but we don’t pay attention to the most important aspect that is the mattress base. If your mattress base is not correct or compatible with your mattress type, you’ll always have a feeling of discomfort. For example, foam mattresses can never be compatible with a spring box, it is way more compatible and comfortable with solid base beds.