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Are you wondering to buy a new mattress?

If you are wondering to buy a new mattress, here is an FAQ from Simplyrest that can make things easier for you.

Age of the mattress

Even the most appropriate side-sleeping mattress will inevitably wear out. Depending on the bed form, during the seventh or eighth year of use, you can expect a substantial decline in supporting assets. And if you own a cheap mattress, so even sooner, this decline will become apparent.

Sagginess of the mattress

With the age of your mattress, or if you don’t care about it properly, sagging spots will emerge. Other forms of mattresses are more resistant to indentation formation, such as softer foams, pillow top styles, etc.

Comfort level of the mattress

Buying an absolutely awkward mattress may sound strange to you. But in fact, in mattress reviews on Amazon or other online retailers, this is a typical complaint you can find. Next, you purchase a mattress. And, during the break-in phase, the body adapts to all the small defects. And the euphoria eventually goes out, and you end up lying on an inappropriate mattress.

When you shop at the offline supermarket, comfort issues often arise as the environment there often forces you to make a transaction right here right now. You should turn to purchasing a mattress online and be sure to use the trial time to make a balanced decision.

If, for whatever reason, you are not ready to purchase a new bed, you should try the tips below to relieve the discomfort. Remember that they will only act as a temporary remedy and in the future, you will still need to buy a new bed.

Switch your sleeping position

Switching to another position is the most obvious way to relieve shoulder pressure by lying on your side. It shouldn’t be that hard because most of the global population are combo sleepers.

Use some pillows

Through using extra pillows during sleep, you can support yourself to ensure proper spine alignment. Hugging a pillow at night, if you sleep on your side, will relieve the pressure from the neck and shoulder section.

Get a mattress topper

Mattress topper should be used as a partial alternative to sleeping on the hand with shoulder pain. If your bed has gone flat, it will adjust the overall feel of your mattress and act as another cradling sheet, which will come in handy. Just make sure to choose the topper that fits the sleeping side better.


Some kinds of physical exercise will increase the stability of the joints and relieve discomfort, such as stretching or yoga. Or, with the same healing results, you can opt for a massage session.