One primary thing we should note about enterprise resource planning concept is; it helps companies to be able to control, interpret and also store data from activities such as product and cost planning, manufacturing, sales, service deliveries and marketing in an accurate way. However, for this concept to be incorporated into the organization’s daily activities, managers need to dig more information about it, from reliable resources.

Main resources that award managers with this information are books. It’s good to know that, several books have been written about the ERP concept; however, not all of them have useful information, to enable the managers to cope up well in today’s dynamic business world. As a result, we have sampled a few books, which seem useful, for you to consider if you intend to use ERP to manage your company flawlessly. Read below;

Bradford’s Modern ERP: implement, select and use the today’s advanced business systems.

Both the second and third edition of this book is perfectly researched, to keep pace with the enormous advances in the ERP market space. Some of the topics you will meet in here include; business analytics, mobility, cloud computing and others. It’s a good book for everyone intending to apply the ERP concept.

The ERP concepts, written by Bret Wagner and Ellen Monk

This helps readers to understand how the use of integrated information systems can be of help to organizations in terms of improving their business processes. The book also provides managers with constant, accurate and current data, which aids in making informed and strategic decisions.

Enterprise Resource Planning

If you need to understand the secrets about re-designing your entire business processes, effective management strategies, changes that can occur in organizational structures for the purpose of helping assure responsiveness, competitiveness, and productivity of business, then this is the best book you need to go for.

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