In the past few years, there have been enormous advances, especially in the communication technology. These advances have helped many businesses to expand and conduct their operations more effective. Enterprise Resource Planning is among the inventions achieved. Enterprise Resource Planning is a software used in business management. ERP has a centralized data storage unit. The unit gathers and similarly provides information to the various business units of an organization. This forms a suite of the integrated applications that business firms can utilize in the various business activities. The business activities include product costing, sales, and marketing, manufacturing, inventory management among others.

For the system to be fully operational, you need to implement a number of steps. These steps include process preparation, configuration, customization, extension, and data migration. These steps are very important since they determine both the system and the business operation. Hence, you need to strictly implement them. This software has numerous advantages. First, it provides a very comprehensive view of the enterprise along with protecting all the sensitive data of the firm. It also eliminates the need to synchronize the changes between systems of multiple branches of the organization. With ERP, you are assured of an effective business plan.

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